• Voyage and Emergency Ship Repairs
  • Complete Machine Shop Services
  • Overhauling of Diesel Engines:
  •    – Reconditioning of Connection Rods, Pistons, Liners,  Cylinder Heads
  • Reconditioning of Pumps, Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Rebuilding of Exhaust Valves, Pump-Shafts, Hydraulic Ramps
  • Rebuilding of Pumps, Gears, Bearing
  • Crankshaft: Removal, Installment, Laser Alignments
  • Crankshaft – Evaluation/Crack Detection/Hardness Test/General Recondition
  • Flange Facing, Line Boring, Shafting and Metal Fabrication
  • Machining and Grinding of Liner Landings Surface
  • Off-shore structures and mobile off-shore drilling units
  • Steel repairs: collision damage and steel renewal
  • Steel fabrication: new installation and pressure vessels
  • On board mechanical repairs and overhauls
  • Reconditioning and overhaul of diesel engine components
  • Electric Generator and Motor Rewinding
  • Electrical Fault Finding
  • Shaft and CPP Actuator
  • Collision Repairs (Steel Repairs)
  • Shaft Generator and Bearing Renewal
  • (Individually Priced Jobs)
  • In-House Line Boring Tools
  • In-Situ Machining
  • In-Situ and Machine Shop Services
  • Versatile Surface Grinding Machines
  • Certified Welders
  • Machinists
  • Mechanics
  • Service Engineers


  • Technical Support and Maintenance
  • Welding Repair and Structure: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper-nickel and others
  • Cooling Tower Service Repair
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Leak Fixing and Restorations Repair and Service
  • Pump Fluid Flow Systems
  • Irrigation System Repairs
  • Control System Service
  • Engine and Electric Motor Repair and Rewinding
  • Steel Concrete Repair: leaks and cracks, garages, drive ways, loading docks and others
  • Modification and Improvement
  • Full Machine Shop Services
  • Mechanical Damage Repair and Service


Erosion, Corrosion, Cavitation, Wear, and Chemical Attack Problems Which Include:
  • Absorbers                          Pipes
  • Bow Thrusters                   Propellers
  • Centrifuges                        Pumps
  • Chiller Systems                 Rudders
  • Cooling Towers                 Scrubbers
  • Condensers                       Shafts
  • Containment Dike             Spillways
  • FGD Systems                     Struts
  • Heat Exchangers               Tanks
  • Hull Fairing                       Troughs
  • Hydraulic Rams                 Tube Sheets
  • Impellers                           Valves
  • Kort Nozzles                      Water Boxes


“The One Source for All of Your Fluid Flow Systems’ Repair and Maintenance Needs”

 ENECON Services and Applications include:

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The METALCLAD Family of products

METALCLAD high-performance polymers repair, resurface and protect against wear, erosion and corrosion. Cost-effective and commercially proven solutions to a wide range of fluid flow related problems in all industries.

Leak Repairs:


The METALCLAD Family of products

METALCLAD SpeedAlloy™ is a quick curing, 100% solids, polymeric ‘leak stopper’ used for making fast, effective repairs to equipment which must be returned to service almost immediately.

Pipe Wrap Systems:


The METALCLAD Family of products

DuraWrap™ polymer/carbon fiber reinforced composite makes repairing and rebuilding aging, often severely deteriorated piping, tanks and other fluid flow equipment possible.

Cavitation Repairs:


The FLEXICLAD Family of products

FLEXICLAD elasto-ceramic materials repair fluid flow components that have been damaged by erosion / corrosion accelerated by cavitation attack.

Concrete Repairs:


The Enecrete Family of products

ENECRETE products rebuild, repair and resurface concrete, tile, brick, terrazzo, slate, marble, granite, etc. as well as water and leak control – fast setup times even can even stop running water under hydrostatic pressure!

Chemical Protection:


The CHEMCLAD Family of products

CHEMCLAD high performance polymer coatings have been specifically designed to protect machinery, equipment and plant structures from aggressive chemical attack.

Safety Surfacing:


The SAFETLYCLAD Family of products

DuraGrip™ systems utilize the finest polymer composite materials available from ENECON to bond a variety of hard wearing aggregates to suit your specific requirements.